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Concurso Nacional de Belleza

Cartegana, Caribbean coast

Beauty beauty beauty, that's a word number one in November for Colombians. Every year the tropical Cartagena holds a national beauty contest on the Caribbean coast. Beauties from all over the Colombia come to competit and to fight for the regining Señorita Colombia, to become a national star and ambassador for Colombia, renowned for its beautiful women.

Concurso Nacional de Belleza will host many queens from the country, parade through the huge crowds on carnival-like floats, including representing the country in the Miss Universe Pageant 2012. But that's all to help the needy, this event has been held since 1979, so it's a tradition, helping others.

The main point of the event is the parade by name beauty with a purpose, Belleza con un propósito, the money which will be collected through the parade, will benefit institutions that work for the elderly, children, and disaster victims to satisfy their basic needs, health and education.

This time the event is big happening all over the country right now, and tonight, the 14th of November, at 20.30 will be the big final, specially for this glorious weeks, children in Cartagena are let out of school and an entire nation forgets its troubles, gathering in front of countless TV sets. It seems crazy, but it's so much fun, and for them it's a great happening. So forget about the illegal drugs, coffee or the civil war, which are the things that Colombia is known for, these weeks it's all about the beauty.

The whole country stops and takes a breathe just before the final, many supporting their friends, wifes, girlfriends, daughters or grandchild beauties who takes a part in this colorful and so much positive contest! On the final there will be invited many models and beauties of the country, one of them, Paisa model Cristina Hurtado.

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