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Cantonese food in Hong Kong

High Tea at The Lobby

A place to delight in, very safe and fantastically well organized, Hong Kong is a charismatic place with steel and glass skyscrapers with a very modern buildings, ready to amaze anyone of us. Chinese values, traditions and history, the flavors of Cantonese food, the Hong Kong lifestyle and pastimes.

The metropolis offers a little moments of perfection, well organize streets, and calm, chilled out people, you might see some of the sitting in the park enjoying a bowl of soup, or those ones seeping tea in five star hotels...the same faces, no moody, unhappy people. They know how to appreciate life!

Food and drink traditions? Very strongly marked, an integral part of any culture, tea drinking for instance, is an important aspect of the culture of Hong Kong, it's served any time , any kind of tea. Most famous is from the days of British colonial rule, black tea with evaporated or sweetened condensed milk, or something more posh is High Tea at The Lobby in the famous Peninsula Hotel, being a very famous afternoon deli!

Dim sum and congee take center stage in their food traditions. All the food depends of the season, in spring time, seafood is appreciated more than any other food, fresh and dried delicacies, such as oysters, shark's fin, shrimp and seaweed are prepared in a wide array of mouth-watering dishes. In restaurants they will also offer you a live fish or lobster, and will cooked it right after you order it, will be so delicious, that you will definitely come back for more.

During summer time, when its hot, they prefer fresh fruit, like you get to choose from a remarkable range of fruit, in addition to the usual vegetables. Many kind of melons, fresh melons , winter melon, bitter melon, honeydew and watermelon, served fresh and also in soup, sounds weird? the delicate flavor of crab meat adds a touch of luxury and a hint of richness to every dish! It might be, but your eye and also the tongue will appreciate it! But to improve the blood circulation during winter's cold, double boiled soup with meat and herbs will be just great!

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