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Fastest growing metropolis Bogota

Republican architecture

Latin America's urban highlight, Bogota is a city with high security level and infrastructure projects. More than seven million people call it their home, many Colombians are heading to Bogota to search new opportunities...some of them leave pretty early, when they break their imagine of golden streets and easy life. Excellent museums and art monuments, cultural and thriving nightlife, those are the things that will keep you busy and keen on discovering Bogota's history.

The city is very fresh, it rains daily, so it sweep away residual pollution, it's also dotted with many parks and leisure spots. But most of the tourists spend their time around the historic LA Candelaria, it's a very nice quarter of cafes, museums and churches, the city's charm hides history and moving forward as a modern district of brash capitalist values. Bogota needs a time to be discovered, it doesn't take you just with the first look, you need to be interested and really into it and you will find the real charm that city offers you.

Today it has become a bustling city in a rapid expansion, it doesn't matter what are you looking for, even if you don't know it yet, you will find it all in Bogota, services, nightlife, entertainment and culture, it's considered to be one of the fastest growing metropolis in all South America, not only in Colombia, take the chances, that city throws on you.

The unique part of the Colombia's metropolis is the contrast between the high skyscrapers and the old Colonial style houses, mixed with republican architecture, including a vibrant and diverse cultural and intellectual life. It's a very safe town, so many Colombians have moved there to live more peacefully.

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