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Oaxaca in Mexico

El día de los muertos.

El día de los muertos...sounds scary? It's not that bed, in Oaxaca each year the people remember their beloved ones, who are not with them anymore, they are decorating the cemeteries, singing, praying, eating and drinking all night long. Mexico's famous commemoration of the dead is celebration of joyous and touching.

The origins of this particular festival dates back in pre-Hispanic Mexico, when each year one month was dedicated to commemorating the dead spirits. At the beginning the celebration was held on August, but then after Christianisation, they moved it to November to coincide with the All Saints Day and All Saints Day.

Actually there are two days, the 1st of November is called Dia de los Angelitos, dedicated to little children who have died, and than the second of November is for adult death, Dia de Los Muertos. It's the same in Oaxaca and also in all Mexico.

The preparations start a week in advance, to prepare the decorations and costumes, plastic skeletons and themed candy, like white chocolate skeletons and different food. It seems like Halloween, just the meaning is so much more important, also Halloween suppose to be something important and serious unfortunately, it has become some kind of circus by now.

On the Dia de los Angelitosis cherished with toys and other objects that belong to kids, placed on the altars. They often set a place on the little table, with food and prayers for the little poor souls who are not with their families anymore.

The second day, which is Dia de los Muertos for adults, is the main celebration, even still sad, but the goal is to cheer them, remember them with happiness, there are colorful events going on in the town, at the main square Xocalo, Palace Museum, and many restaurants in the Old Town, most of the day people spend in cemeteries, with communion meal in the evening. Through the city you will see many altars and flowers everywhere, many concerts and the weirdest meal ever, the wafts of chicken with chocolate and tomato mole sauce!!!

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