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Metropolitan Perth

Lively festivals and events

The metropolitan Perth is a major destination for business, culture and arts and of course the main provider of free entertainment for the 1.6 million people. The city had an amazing growth in terms of inner city living, development and industry, daily servicing more than 100,000 visitors and workers .

During the year, Perth offers lively festivals and events, the city is famous for partying. Do not miss all the cultural and local events, there is a special calendar with all the festivals and events, regularly publishing the latest events in local Perth Newspaper.

Modern and vibrant is Perth, offest by calm waters of Swan River, fabulous shops and restaurants all over the city center, after long day shopping and eating great food, we suggest you to go and enjoy some art, as Concert Hall or the impressive Regal Theater. You can also enjoy long and relaxing walks on the clean sandy beaches, swimming or surfing or doing any kind of water sport, if that's what you like, visit the Sunset Coast in Pert, is what you need!

At the very beginning, Perth was located for the safe inland position during colonial times, the River was just excellent to provide transporting supplies from the port to the colony. You can still see today how Perth was build , using convict labour, nowadays the River is surrounding area, offering a scenic view for the city.

You will also enjoy river cruises along the river, also with a dinning and music opportunity. To visit Perth in October is the best time you could do, because its a spring between September and November. Enjoy Perth in October!

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