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Wealthiest Asian city

Breathtaking Seoul in Korea

The amazing capital of Korea is also countries pride and the biggest city. Korea has a rich history behind, from the big Korean War, they like to call their 600 years old capital “miracle on the Han”. It has more than 10 million people, Seoul has a strong traditions, history and places to visit, to soak up its culture, every year huge number of visitors flock to the Capital, enjoying their culture, food and of course 64,000 seated World Cup Stadium.

Nowadays Seoul has ideal parks, culture and design, the fifth largest city in the world is now the center for economy, finance and the art, culture. The city is a mix of two worlds, the modern one with modern high-rises and trendy shops, skyscrapers, and the ancient with t temples and palaces. Al thought is a metropolis, is considered as a very safe place to travel in with low crime rate. People there are very polite and overwhelming to visitors.

As its a huge and busy city, the traffic is a big problem, you can get aeverywhere you like because the public transportation is excellent, will take you to almost any place you need to go whether it's by taxi, bus, or subway, but to escape the traffic, suggest you to take subway. Today Seoul is Asia's most expensive and wealthiest city.

Just trough the global, buzzing city center, the Han River flows trhough, going from east to west, rocky mountains is all around the city, which makes Seoul even more amazing and breathtaking. In the middle of the very center, there is a mountain called Namsan, with a tower on the top, from which you can see al the city. It's also a place where back in 2002 FIFA's World Cup soccer tournament was famously staged.

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