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Feast of San Gennaro.

Little Italy in Mulberry Street, New York

Every year from the 19th until the 25th of September in New York is celebrated First it started back in 1926 on 19th of September by newly arrived immigrants from Naples, which was a traditional celebration in Italy, Naples for Saint Gennaro, who was martyred for the faith in 305 A.D. The immigrants were settled along Mulberry Street in the area, where are all Italians living in NY city.

Every year there are held two parades, both for San Gennaro beginning at Most Precious Blood Church on Mulberry Street, it's considered to be the most famous and longest running religious festival in New York city.

This year it will be the 85th time that San Genaro is held, it's presented by the children of San Gennaro, Figli di San Genaro. Even it's a very religious festival there is a huge party atmosphere going on, the celebration has become a very proud tradition, started by the Figli of Gennaro.

The area in NY is called , where during this period for 11 days and nights the streets of Little Italy are filled with happy people from all over the world with all enthnic and racial backgrounds enjoying fabulous Italian cuisine, all possible entertainment that Italians can offer, like live music, being with your families, no matter what nationality are you. But dont forget that behind all this amazing celebration, there is a religious purpose, that is never forgotten.

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