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Soviet Yerevan Tour!

Envoy Tours Armenia

Ever wondered how life was during the Soviet era? What the differences were from then to now? Wish you could go back in time to deepen your experience and understanding of the culture and history while you are in Yerevan?

Well, time travel is now possible, courtesy of Envoy Tours and the new Soviet Yerevan Tour!

A fun and revealing tour that takes one beyond the normal tourist destinations! This tour helps visitor to feel like a Soviet era ‘Intourist’ when traveling in an authentic minibus and being guided by a ‘pioneer’, hearing the stories and anecdotes of the times.

A lot of great stories are told during the tour including the one why Lenin wore shoes whereas Stalin wore boots. Only few people know that there is a place in Yerevan where you can visit Lenin (well, at least his head?!) and enjoy our ‘rosy’ city of Yerevan with us!

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