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Bustling capital city

Manilas modern city center

Very international getaway Manila city in Philippines, laid back, casual, corrupt, shambolic, earnest and much more to describe it.

It's one of the biggest metropolis,which each year get bigger and bigger, for the population and also for the size, because of many people Manila had a very nice walled traditional center, which was mostly wiped during the Second World War and since than has never recovered. At the modern Manila center there is Maskati, country's commercial Center, where you can do everything, it's so comfortable, to shop, eat and drink to your heart's content.

Thanks to its unique vibe and generic mall syndrome, it's a real pleasure to spend even a day there. And many inhabitants would often say : “this is the Manila we wish we had” .

This huge, seems to never sleep, over busy with cars, buses and trucks, which are driving in three lanes, that could seem a bit stressful at the start but it's a part of Manila's atmosphere and people from there somehow knows how to drive and what's going on.

The city usually is a little break for its visitors, just before to discover and explore the highlands and the beaches moving northwards. Excellent nightlife, stunning hotels, with the heart of the town, Rizal Park , Luneta, overlooking the beautiful Manila Bay and dates back some 200 years. This amazing city is considered to be a “tourist belt” and home to the main tourist information outlets. Come and enjoy!

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