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Beautiful Panama

Abundance of wildlife

Beautiful Panama is South of Costa Rica and north of Colombia, allowing passage from the Caribbean. Panama has a mountains in the west and a low range on the coast. In fact is the only city in the world with rain tropical forest protected within city limits. It's hard to imagine any other metropolitan city with so many great beaches.

Crowds of tourists every year going to enjoy Panama's natural gifts. It's like an secret for tourists that waiting for them to discover it, white sand beaches, countless islands and fresh seafood. Its one of the fastest growing tourism markets in Latin America and over 200 cruise liners land in Panama, bringing more than 28,000 tourists a year.

About three million years ago, a narrow earth strip emerged the sea as a result of tectonic movements and volcanic activity, which separated waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, uniting the North America's and the South masses, also giving the beginning of a massive interchange of the flora and fauna, working like a life bridge.

Since than everything has been changed, the narrow waist allowed the construction of the Panama Canal. Spanish transported all their wealth with boats to the Portobello, that concentration of wealth attracted pirates and privateers like the famous pirate Francis Drake., making Panama very attractive for many.

Back in 1821, Panama became independent from Spain, united to the countries of the Great Colombia, conformed by Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. After spreading willing to be a free Republic, Panamanian managed to come through and got separated from Colombia in 1903.

Panama means "the place of abundant fish", where you can find many national parks, an abundance of wildlife and countless sandy beaches, islands and everything else to make it your perfect location for your vacation.

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