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Biggest city in Canada

Toronto is the, it homes more than 5,7 million Canadians. The city was founded back in 1793 by the English because of the protected harbor, countless rivers, wild forests and fresh water resorts in its territory.

Toronto residents have more university educations than in any other country in the world. Its also the biggest financial center in all Canada, and fourth largest economic center in all North America.

Its beautiful islands , which are protecting by natural harbor, are mixture with parklands, which all are protected by the Parks Department, who is the only one responsible for these natural creatures. You can reach them easily with public boats that safely brings you there, crossing the Toronto harbor.

As English were the first ones to discover this city, in Canada the first language is English, French- Canadian, which is the old dialect is the second, as there are many immigrants, other minority groups speaks other 100 languages.

Toronto International Film Festival provides a cultural Indian Summer, when September comes. Many street festivals, celebrations, exhibitions and live music concerts are out on the red carpet.

The weirdest thing about Toronto, is its special kitchen, there is a mix of everything. As it's a multicultural, sop it is its kitchen, from many nations. Korean walnut cake, Malaysian laksas, Indian curry and finally Italian espresso.

If you like shopping, you are at the perfect place, full of sharp dressed locals. If still shopping is not that attracts you in your trip, there are hundred things to do, like go to see Niagara's vineyards or just join a countless sweaty joggers, to loose the calories you gained eating cakes.

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