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Trinidad in Cuba

Hot sleepy town

Trinidad is one of the most visited towns in Cuba with its special atmosphere and part of its intrinsic beauty, which is located in the central province of Sancti Espiritus. Trinidad has a charm and colonial atmosphere that doesn't compare to anything in the world.

Its unique uneven cobbled streets, plazas, churches makes it so warm and welcoming. Another special thing about the town is its red roofs, pastel-colored houses, and windows with wooden shutters make it almost a fairytale, it's considered to have the most complete and well preserved architectural structures in the country.

It has the Caribbean Sea to the South, which also makes it a special destination for travelers. It seems to have been forsaken by history ever since 19th Century's Sugar Boom, when the town reached its peak.

Once you are there, you will fully enjoy the traditional taste of Cuba, it has all, near to one of the beautiful beaches in Cuba, which are surrounded with hills with stunning waterfalls. People with bicycles and horse drawn passing by the colored little houses, giving the place so peaceful feeling, that you just wanna sit and enjoy it.

The strains of salsa music drift out from cool courtyards where the intricate steps of the dance are practiced.

Trinidad has luckily escaped the modern tourist infrastructure, it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, even if it has big hotels and lot of tourists, special during the season, December, it has always known how to keep its special tranquil charm. Trinidad is a hot sleepy town with many narrow cobbled streets to wander and to discover!

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