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Keeper of the bridge

Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Keeper of the bridge. That's the meaning of Mostar, the elegant Old Bridge, arches over the Neretva River, providing Mostar town with its icon and name.

This old Ottoman-style bridge was destroyed in the civil war in 1993,it has been rebuilt and even entered in UNESCO's World Heritage list. But The town is not all about the bridge, it offers amazing view to the scenic mountains around Mostar, with all the possibilities for hiking or rafting.

This charming, full of history town in Herzegovina invites you with its 16th-century mosques, old Turkish houses and endless cafés.

Mostar is located in the South of Bosnia and Hezegovina, along the River. Sadly but fact, the city was bombed heavily during the civil war in 1990. But nowadays it has been transformed to the beautiful riverside town, as it was before the war. It has become a popular destination for visitors, as the political control is shared between Croats and Muslim Bosniaks. Sightseeing is the main attraction in Mostar, as its inspired by many cultures, from many centuries, old town symbolize international cooperation and peaceful coexistence.

The city has a Mediterranean climate, with a beautiful sunny summers and mild,. Rainy winters. To visit the best time is Summer of course, but if you decide to come in Spring or Autumn, when the season is not so high yet, do it, the prices will be much lower and the city will be less crowdy to visit. There are plenty of all budgets accommodations and restaurants.

From all the country, Mostar is definitely the most ethnically diverse city. Unfortunately, the city suffered the most in the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina following the break up of then – Yugoslavia.

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