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Communist chic city!

Minsk brings you back in Soviet times

If you travel to Belarus, you know you will deal with a great experience, specially its capital Minsk, it's a European capital, but it feels like it brings you back in Soviet times. Police and the military are everywhere, and they ready to send tanks to squash the protests, it has a communist chic, cappuccino communism, in few few words, Minsk is a living oxymoron.

At the end of the day, Minsk is considered as a very nice, safe and clean city, with its particular life style which might get bizarre sometimes, so you can find a relax in many cafes and bars, meeting other people and trying not to think about whats going on behind the Presidential Palace's doors.

The capital is also the largest city in the country, as a capital it also has a special administrative status in Belarus. Back in 1793 Minsk was conquered by Russia, and later in 1919-1991 it became the capital of the Byelorussian SSR. Architects from Moscow totally reduced the city into a model of Soviet city, transforming the ruins completely.

Russians governed the city until 1667. It was divided into smaller administrative units in 1938 and also established three districts. The city is now the industrial capital of the country by developing industrial and services sectors. With around 250 factories and plants, it has become the major industrial center of Belarus.

When the lights goes off and all the buildings in the old town are illuminated, the city gives a softer look, but in day light, you can still feel the power communism, expensive squares, wide boulevards, and grandiose proportions of the buildings in the center do initially impress.

But it has its own charm, also finding some cosy corners in the old town. No doubt Minsk is a beautiful city that offers 20theaters, where people can relax and enjoy the culture, all kind of operas, theaters and museums.

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