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Grape harvest Festival in Cyprus

6000 years old

Annual grape harvest Festival in Cyprus is annual, when the wine capital celebrates its rich viticulture. All of the islands vineyards and wineries meet up in the town's Municipal Gardens to share their products and tell to each other about the new flavors and all about fruits of their labours.

For about 6000 years, Cyprus has been making wine, so they have a good reason to celebrate it. There are many tasters, and they have this great opportunity to tuck into some island's gastronomic specialities alongside Muscats, Commanderia and pine flavored Retsianas. That's all happening at the Gardens open air Theatre, with a pleasant music and good wine, what can be better?

The main idea of the Festival is to promote the agricultural products of San Joaquin County and of course to offer agricultural education to tasters and customers. It has become not only entertainment but its all about the unique, family oriented exhibition, to educate and enlighten.

It offers also non profit groups to raise funds and charity projects, many organizations raise money for charity by selling products at the Festival, by entering the agriculture-related competitive exhibits offered each year. You will find all kind of people, like Boy Scouts, future Farmers of America, Farm Bureau and Grange Associations. Annually they raise over $150,000 from non profiut groups, plus $30,000, which is the prize moneyof the Fesrival for the best exhibits.

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