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Barcelona Skate Hostel

Hostel Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia

Sant Jordi Hostel Sagrada Familia Barcelona decided that since Barcelona is the heart and soul of European skateboarding it was perfectly logical to build, in Barcelona, Europe’s first hostel designed specifically for skateboarders. The first ever and newest concept in Barcelona hostels, Sant Jordi Hostel’s New Sagrada Familia hostel is a Barcelona skateboarder’s paradaise.

Sant Jordi Hostel Sagrada Familia Barcelona! Barcelona is the best European city for Skateboarding and street art and Sant Jordi Hostel’s Sagrada Familia is the best hostel in Barcelona for skateboarders, street-artists, and anyone with interest in the urban arts, culture and lifestyle of Barcelona.
With everything that Sant Jordi is famous for (great accommodation, fun atmosphere, and amazing parties) plus a ton of extras (skate ramp, huge 24 hour common room, and outdoor patio/barbeque area) our Sagrada Familia hostel is truly the newest and coolest hostel in Barcelona.

Every aspect of the hostel was inspired by the Barcelona skateboard scene. From the main entrance to the bathrooms you will find skate inspired details. The design of our reception and the hall leading to the common area was inspired by the curved angles pool-skaters dream of.

In our large multimedia and chill-out room we built a skate-ramp inspired stage that can be used for dancing, karaoke, or just about any other performance you can think of. We also have a display, with real skateboards, showing the progression of skateboard design from the 1960’s through the 1980’s, as well as an explanation of the purpose of this development and its affect on skateboarding as a sport.

On our outdoor patio we actually built a fully functional mini-ramp for the enjoyment of our more skate experienced guests. We wanted it to be clear that we are not just a theme but a place where you can experience the Barcelona skate scene first-hand.

Of course, we also provide the now world famous Sant Jordi Parties. As most travelers in Europe have heard, Barcelona is famous for its night-life. We understand that being new in the city it can be difficult finding the best party or making your way into the coolest club without waiting in a long line or paying ridiculous entrance fees. So, several nights a week we organize special parties (free for our guests).

We take everyone out in a large group to some of the best bars and clubs in Barcelona. We always have a very international group of guests who all come along for the same reason: to make new friends and experience what make Barcelona and Sant Jordi so damn cool. Don’t miss it! You won’t ever forget it!!!

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