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Rosario city where people having Siesta

Entertainment, parties and relax

Rosario in Argentina feels like other world, people still having siesta time, and everything closes in that hour, it's the third most populated city in Argentina, and it has become a tourism spot, about 300 kilometers from Buenos Aires. Paranà River in the east side and Gobernador Gálvez Villa in the south.

The business hub is situated in the agricultural and livestock producing key center of the country, it also has access to the Atlantic by the river system of the Hidroway Paraguay-Paraná and the Río de la Plata.

Rosario is well located, as it's placed in a privileged situation, nowadays industry and commerce are fully developed. The city is so different from the capital, the international spirit you can't feel,people meet up along the river front to enjoy maté.

Since 2004 things has changed in this city, when the World conference was held on the Spanish Language, there is a growth in everything, from the monument constructions in the town, to the many restaurants, packed with locals and full of cultural spaces. In few words, Rosario has been booming since than.

Rosario city ha many to offer, if you want to enjoy entertainment, parties and relax, the town is all yours to give you all what you desire, sharing enjoyable holidays with your beloved ones.

Also enjoyable 20s Century monuments and architecture, cinemas, theatres, museums, bars which are in every corner of the city and plenty more. Doesn't matter how old are you, there will be enough adventures for everyone , from calm walk along the river during the sunset, which is romantic in every age, horse riding or canoes.

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