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Berne examples of medieval town.

Capital of Switzerland

Berne - the capital of Switzerland is beautiful and from all Europe capitals most immediately charming. It's so much diverse from most of the european cities, with its cobbled lanes, lined with sandstone arcaded buildings, historical towers and 11 magnificent fountains and the weirdest thing is that, it hasn't been changed at all in over five hundred years.

In Europe, Berne is considered as the most impressive examples of medieval town architecture. The townscape has been preserved virtually , back in 1983 the UNESCO inscribed Berne as a World Heritage Site. It's also great shopping in Berne, one of Europe's longest shopping promenades, one shop after another, all connected by arcades. You will enjoy every bit of it!

The way of life in Swiss? Schokolade!!! Chocolate is their bread, Swiss eat ten and a half kilos of the stuff per person per annum, its a world records, it's roughly one ordinary-sized bar for every single person every year. They give free chocolate to swiss army,. Wrapped in their flag paper, as a gift for a dinner or party invitation, they also bring a chocolate.

Chocolate bunnies in Spring fro Easter, chocolate mushrooms and marzipan vegetables in autumn, Swiss will find occasion to bring the chocolate to the table. Bern producing elaborate chocolate bears. Its considered to be the best chocolate in the world, rich of expensive cocoa butter, smooth and creamy, with milk, which comes in fresh from the clover-munching Alpine herds.

Nowadays there are TOP 3 of chocolate in Switzerland, and the name are : the biggest Nestlè, which has taken most od Swiss competitors, plus the international ones. The second is Suchard which is well respected and of course Lindt, which is mostly known and famous in Europe.

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