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Jamaica, the third largest island in Caribbeans

Negrils open 7mile beach

Jamaica is the third largest island in Caribbeans , in between Cuba and Miami, the most westerly English speaking island. Known by its beautiful, the beast beaches on the north , west coast.

Many people go there to enjoy the beach which seems never ends and to party of course. There is an international airport, which has cheap flights, so also easy to get there. Negrli, a city in Jamaica is popular for its finest sunsets and great beaches.

Negril seems like one long street, it has simplest geography, there is a river, Negril River, splitting the city in two parts, the beach part – Long Bay, and on the south – West End.

The heart of Negril has nothing special to see, some shopping squares and few stores, mot of Village people is concentrated there, though. So its mostly popular for its powdery white sand beaches, and together with tropical trees and vegetation, it makes a view as from the postcard.

If you are looking for hotels, there are many to offer you what you are loking for, alone, with your friends or family, solution is for everyone, large variety of rooms, services and prices . Rick's cafe is recommended as a one of the 1,000 places to go before you die.

You are able to watch the cliff jumpers from there, its sunsets are stil one of the best in the world, although it has been destroyed back in 2003, when it slid into the ocean in the hurricane, but its rebuilt by now.

Its known as Jamaica's jewel in the crown, because of Negril's open 7mile beach, where you can take romantic walk, swim, play, or just enjoy some quality time with your mates. The West End offers many sport activities like diving and others, or countless bars and restaurants for those ones who prefer to chill out enjoying the amazing view. Topless sunbathing is common on most of the "Seven Mile Beach".

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