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Sofia biggest city in Bulgaria

Antique but still developing Sofia

The biggest city in Bulgaria is its capital, Sofia, known as the most walkable capital in Europe, usually tourists pass by Sofia to get to ski resorts, leaving the young, dynamic vibe undiscovered. Bulgarian culture and history is rich with architecture, cuisine, customs and traditions. Geographical position of Bulgaria is situated in Bulgaria boasts, in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula.

The confident, new metropolitan city has so much to offer, its onion-domed churches, Ottoman mosques and Red Army monuments, something so old combined with 5star hotels, the best bars in the country and countless shopping malls. It has become a modern and busy capital. Very often Sofia offers a valuable exhibitions, worth seeing expos and many more.

Looking back in its 1300 year history, it has been hard times for Bulgarians, but they never gave up to keep their national identity and heritage. 300 years they spent under Byzantian rule and other 500 under the Ottamans. After World War II and Bulgarian "symbolic war", they had a reputation as the most loyal ally of the Soviet Union, while they imitated Soviet Collectivization. In 1st of January in 2007, Bulgaria joined the European Union, it was a huge monumental step, which brought many changes to the country.

In the Capital you can find and enjoy anything, museums, art galleries, theaters, great restaurants, its an attractive and very cultural city, which will never bored you. Maybe it seems as a metropolitan and very busy city, surprisingly, Sofia is a a very green city, there is a huge swaths of parkland and numerous archaeological landmark . In this antique but still developing European city you can fin anything!

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