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Seven Sisters Festival

Hong Kong 6th August 2011

The most romantic festival in China's history and it's held in Hong Kong - Seven Sisters Festival. For single girls to find a young lovers and to get a blessing. Hong Kong is known as a city with a very rich in history and culture. This cosmopolitan city offers a variety with festivals, letting us to have a look in their traditions.

Every year's August Hong Kong is having something similar to Valentine’s Day, Seven Sisters festival or “Qi Xi”, it's specially celebrated by single girls, who are searching for love or suitable marriage partners, or couples looking for their love to be blessed. It's celebrated in well known area Lovers Rock which is located on Bowen Road Wan Chai.

In Chinese folklore the festival was born more than 1,500 years ago. The legend is about a weaver maid, who has 6 sisters, who are living a lonely life and working hard at her loom all year. Her parents felt sorry for her, so they lat her to marry a cowherd from across the Milky Way. After a wedding she could come back to her husband only on the seventh day of the seventh month.

The celebrations are in the center on religious rites. Girls are showing they talents in all possible ways, also cooking to proof how good wifes they could be to the potentional husband. They make offering to the stars of the flowers to show the man they desire. After they get the offering powder, they have to throw it on the roof, to attract the Seven Sisters Stars beauty.

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