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Amazing Great Ocean Road

One day at Melbourne

If you plan to visit or live there, on a day off just jump into a special and small tourist coach from any hostel, hotel, tourist agency in Melbourne early in the morning, and you will be taken to a long drive along the south-eastern coast of Australia for a whole day: the amazing Great Ocean Road.

The trip usually starts from Torquay and its beautiful beaches, where you will see many surfers and where, when you have more time, you can even take surfing classes. The trip goes on with many beautiful and large views of unspoiled beaches with sand (or big and small stones) and a wonderful blue sea in the skyline.

The coach stops many times during the day, and the friendly guide/coach driver will show you and explain many things about many areas: you will visit rainforests with beautiful waterfalls and trees, forests with beautiful colourful birds and... sleepy koalas!

You can see them on eucalyptus trees, hanging on branches and sleeping at the same time... sometimes they lazily wake up, they slowly raise an “arm” to catch an eucalyptus leaf, and eat keeping often their eyes closed... while you wonder how they can sleep almost all the time without ever falling down the branch!

The most amazing stop of Geat Ocean Road is definitely the famous Twelve Apostles: amazing above all on sunset, you will see these huge limestone rock stacks that are born in the large sea and that rise up for many metres. And if you want to enjoy them more, you can jump on a helicopter that will show you a wonderful panorama... while you feel immersed in the warm colours of the sunset... in the sky, in the sea...

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