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Viking festival

Unforgettable partying

Around 874 AD the Vikings started to settle Icelandand the Icelanders are very proud of those brave people who had the courage to start a life here in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean . There is a specially built Viking village near Reykjavik where its held an annual Viking Festival.

It has become a place where every year the modern-day Icelanders and visiting Vikings from abroad celebrate their heritage with appropriate vigour. Viking spirit is still living on today in those unique, wild and adventurous people from Iceland.

The Viking event is so much fun and is attended by a large international contingent. There are stalls which you can remember forever, Viking memorabilia and large gruff men in full Viking attire demonstrate their ancient battle skills to anyone brave enough to challenge them. Also unique displays of arts and crafts.

They celebrate from all their hearts - Icelanders and international visitors get a little lawless, a little drunk, and very excited. The hot summer event is unforgettable with partying and re-enacted battles, arts and crafts fairs, hearty heavy foods, and tournaments of strength and daring that can go on all night.

Volunteering is a part of the festival, they prepare and work hard before that and after, with Viking costumes which is an honor, there are nearly 150 Viking volunteers from all over the world who pitch in to make the festival run smooth, helping in all the ways they can to make the festival go perfect.

If you are interested and going to visit,all volunteers will receive Viking costumes to wear and perform different tasks. If you choose to be a volunteer, you will stay in the community center, sleeping on mattresses on the floor with your Viking volunteer colleagues, with all the meals provided.

Getting some free time excursions to the wild lunar landscapes around and outside of town, the volunteers also have an access to the local thermal pools for soaking in the naturally heated waters and of course the most exciting part – being around the craftspeople, storytellers, wrestlers, sailors, musicians, and rune-casting magicians will be endlessly entertaining!

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