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Battle of the Lumeçon, Belgium.

The legend of Saint George

Be careful the dragon in Mons at the Battle of the Lumeçon - The Procession of the Golden Chariot, also known as the Doudou. In a dramatic re-enactment, Saint George saves innocent bystanders from the dragon's wrath. As they finally slain the dragon , the participants roar out a triumphant that says, the people of Mons shall never perish, and the city is safe for another year.

The legend of Saint George itself is said that there was a dragon in a Mediterranean land, according to fourth century lore, that subsisted on a daily dose of human flesh. When the dragon comes to take the King's daughter a young Christian officer named George steps up to battle the dragon and tames the beast by wrapping the Princess's belt around the dragon's neck.

George successfully returns with Princess and dragon in hand, as being a Christian, the Royal family and kingdom inhabitants are converted to Christianity , it's like a result of George slaying the dragon.

The locals re-enact the famous epic battle every year in the Main Square of Mons. Earlier in the day, the audience's participation is required to push the Golden Chariot through Mons, carrying a set of holy relics all around the town.

The weird procession is a throwback to 1380, when Saint Georges Fraternity set up a ceremony for its patron's honor. Any English will truly know that the legend was then adopted as that of the English patron saint. For a fun day out with a bit of history thrown in to the mix give Mons in Belgium a try.

So in that day the procession begins with the Chariot of Gold at 10am, than fallows the battle at midday. Spectators play an active part in the fight , those ones who are skilled enough to pull ribbons from the dragon's swinging tail should be ready for a good luck the rest of the year. It's unforgettable experience. All kind of activities are thrown for visitors all day long. The dramatic re-enactment of the battle of Lumeçon takes place on the 14th of June this year.

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