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Viva Las Vegas

The huge tourism business center

Las Vegas is centrally located in the Southwest quadrant of the United States, because of this, Las Vegas was destined to become a distribution and transportation center.

It's easy to access to California, Arizona, Utah and many other places. For this reason, Las Vegas has become a primary warehousing point for several large nationally based corporations. It's the fastest growing city in the United States.

The economy of Las Vegas has its source in over 30million visitors a year, for gambling, atractions and entertainment, with many national parks, climate, gorgeous hotels, cheep food and hundred other diversions. Even if the tourism started slowly in Las Vegas, with the legalization of gambling back in 1930's, since than the industry has gone through several evolutions.

For the gambling it has also become home for many prominent Conventions, Events and simultaneously became a prominent family vacation destination. There is one thing that has not changed about the resorts is that they still like to base themselves around some kind a appealing theme. Caesars Palace has a Roman theme. The Luxor has an Egyptian and so on. There are over 100,000 hotel and motel rooms available in the Las Vegas area.

Las Vegas has one of the best climates in the United States, the summer heat is easyer to deal with than the heat in most other places including parts of the Midwest, east and south. Las Vegas enjoys an average of 289 days of sunshine per year. Since tit's a 'night-time', 24-hour city, the warm, dry summer nights are outstanding for visitors and locals.

But dont think that Las Vegas is only good place to gamble, get married, there is so much more to see and to do. On the Paradise Road there is Las Vegas Tourist Information Center which is a good place to come when you first arrive, being easy to reach and located.

There are also many excellent museums suiting great for those ones who are looking for a spot of culture, including King Tut's Tomb and Museum - featuring a reproduction of the famous tomb of Egyptian King Tutankhamen, don't miss the Elvis Museum, crammed full of Elvis Presley information and memorabilia, and situated just off the Strip and numerous excellent art galleries. As we all know that in America everything is big, than in Las Vegas every single thing is huge!

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