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Most glamorous sporting event

Formula One 2011

The Monaco Gran Prix F-1 is without doubt the most glamorous and prestigious race in the Formula 1 calendar. From 28th of May until 29th of May Sunday you can see the prestigious and one of the most denabduìing race circuits in the world.

It's special with its exclusive backdrop of the French Riviera and it offers its spectacular venues, including chauffeur transfers by limousines or helicopter transfers to Monaco, a private table at the Grand Prix Ball or the Amber Lounge.

The famous Formula One race is a run trough the narrow Monte Carlo streets, the capital of the Principality of Monaco. It's the highest TV rated Formula One GP event in the world, it attracts an estimated 150,000 plus fans on race day, and it's watched in more than 50countries with 650 million viewers.

The event provides one of the toughest challenges for the drivers, team engineers and mechanics even if its considered to be one of the slowest tracks in the Formula 1 Championship,its bumpy and incredibly uncomfortable.

However Monaco has unbelievable charm that attracts millions, and event itself. Usually at all the tracks there are occasional straights to give the drivers a bit of rest, instead in Monaco they never have a moment to relax their arms and legs, they are constantly working, which makes it harder.

It's really hard to put in a good lap time at Monaco, as the streets are narrow and offer hardly any run-off zones, its impossible to overtake, as it's essential to have a starting position up front.

Additional barriers and kerbs are added, and knowing what to use and what to avoid, only comes with experience. It's hard and important race annually in Formula One history, every team want to win, if they could choose one of the races.

The magical weekend totally transforms this tiny principality into a beautiful and breathtaking arena of excess. This has to be the greatest sporting spectacle in the world and one not to be missed!

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