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Santiago, beautiful capital of Chile

America Ideal destination

Santiago is one of the few capitals . in the world with a great geographic location and has easy to access both to ski slopes are only 50km away and the beaches - 100km away. In fact, the majestic Andea Mountain Range you can view from anywhere in the city. Plenty of villages are located in the countryside all around Santiago, so the tourists can get there once they get tired from the busy capital, to enjoy tranquility and the peace of the country-life.

It's located in the Central Valley, the largest wine-producing region in Chile. The wineries surrounding Chile's capital are frequented more than Chile's other regions because of its size, the amount of wine produced as well as the region's proximity to the capital.

Visitors rave that the wineries in Santiago are an intimate and casual look into an industry that has made Chilean wine known worldwide, a reputation mostly due to Chile's openness to travelers and the pride they have in their accomplishments.

Santiago is a ideal destination, it has a pleasant climate with first class tourist facilities and beautiful surroundings. With comfortable and new luxury and simple hotels located in very center.

Its also business city to accommodate visitors as well as providing special facilities for congresses and conventions. It has everything from all, so together with the development of tourist infrastructure and gastronomy in Chile it has taken a a new lease of life with the quality and quantity of restaurants.

One of the most important historical landmarks in the city center is the Santa Lucia Hill, it was formally known as “Huelen”, before the Spanish Conquistador Pedro de Valdivia founded Santiago city back in 1541. He planned the city according to the traditional Spanish Oyun İndir checkerboard layout, which you can see looking at the city these days. For example Piazza de Armas today is very different from how it was many years ago with its colorful gardens, but the buildings that surround it, brings back many memories.

You can find almost everything you need in this city - discos, clubs, a museum, universities, international and national airports, high rise office buildings, theater, malls, fun parks, a modern subway system which makes finding your way around Santiago a lot easier, and a whole lot more. Doesn't matter if you are in Santiago for business or for pleasure, you will definitely fall in love with amazing city.

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