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Brazilian Vacations!

Famous for many carnivals

If you think Rio de Janeiro is the only destination for tourists in Brazil, you are wrong. There are also places for eletronic music fans, cities where you can eat the best typical food of the country or amazing beatches not crowd of people, just to relax.

We can start talking about Pernambuco, in the Northest. Maybe you have already heard about because of the Carnival. Too famous, but different for the Rio's Carnival.

Here, the principal cities are Olinda and Recife, the capital. All concerts for free, on the street, near to the beach. The traditional kind of music here is called Frevo, and needs practice to dance. But there also are bars, discos and restaurants for everybody.

The typical food is just amazing. Have you ever heard abou the animal called “bode”? In english, goal. The healthier red meal in the world. Strong taste, served with rice, mash cheese and green beans. And you can also try a tapioca, sweet or salt. Butter or coconut, for example.

If you have time, you need to travel around. The most famous beach is called Porto de Galinhas, where you can try diving. But there is one not so crowd: Praia dos Carneiros.

Ok, you need to pay 50 reais (something like 25 dollars) to go inside. 50 reais for each car, but you can use that money in one of the bars on that beach. Sit, relax, eat sea foods and enjoy. You can pay for a little trip on a boat, the watter ir really clean and warm and there is a amazing life under the sea. It's free to stay in one of the beach chairs, tanning and listening to brazilian music.

Brazlian beer, brazlilian fruits, coconut watter, and so cheaper than Rio de Janeiro... This part of Pernambuco is really blessed, for sure!

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