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Bay to Breakers San Francisco

Annual footr acethe third Sunday of May, California

The Bay to Breakers is a annual footrace that takes place in San Francisco, California on the third Sunday of May. The name reflects the fact that race starts at the northeast end of the downtown area adjacent to San Francisco Bay and runs west through the city to finish at the Great Highway.

The allure of the Bay to Breakers is that its more than just a footrace. It is a moving costume/keg party wich is often accompanied by public nudity and drinking games. It began in 1906 to keep people's spirits up after the earthquake and the locals have kept it alive and in full force.

Each year over 700,000 people congregate downtown in costumes, or nothing at all, and run the race with shopping carts filled with kegs. It is a mix of Mardi Gras, Haolloween, and a college frat party. It is the longest consecutively run footrace in the world. One festive tradition is the tortilla toss, during which crowds of runners waiting to cross the start line throw tortillas at one another to pass time. The route is typically dotted with various local bands performing. At the end of the race is “Footstock” a gathering where participants and spectators can enjoy musical performances by various acts.

The Bay to Breakers is known for the large number of unregistered runners or “bandits” who participate in the race. It is believed that over half of the runner are unregistered. Since the race is about having fun and and forgetting about the daily trials of life, the registration rule is not strictly enforced and welcomes anyone and everyone to enjoy the running party.

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