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International Tango Festival in Sicily

enjoy the festival and the Syracusan sea of July!

One of the most fascinating of all dances, the tango is a sensual ballroom dance that originated in South America in the early twentieth century. Tango was initially danced in bars, cafes, gambling houses, and quilombos (prostitution places). Later on, Dancing Houses, that provided girls for dancing and entertainment, appeared.

Tango has become very popular in recent years. The popularity of tango has greatly increased over the years, tango music has become one of the greatest of all music genres throughout the world. Ballroom tango originated in working-class Buenos Aires, but the dance spread quickly through Europe during the 1900's, then moved on into the United States.

Tango is known as the ultimate dance style and is often associated with mysticism, passion and romance, the unspoken dialogue, as partners are responding to one another's expressive interpretations through the connection of their bodies, has led to the description of this dance being a pure form of communication - "a conversation without words".

Do you feel like dancing tango in Italy?

Join us at the International Tango Festival in Syracuse, Sicily, from July 21st to 24th. Like every year this wonderful festival takes place in the beautiful Ortygia island in Syracuse, an historical and magical island full of culture, fun and nightlife. This year, like happened in the last edition, the "passionates dances" will take place in the beautiful area of Maniace Castel, situated on the tip of the island of Ortygia, where it was built in the first half of the 13th century by Frederick II's trusty architect, Richard of Lentini, who also designed Ursino Castle in Catania. Today, thanks to restoration and consolidation work on the entire belt of fortifications, it is possible to visit exhibitions and enjoy cultural events in the evocative scenario of the Piazzale d'Armi (Parade Ground).

The International Tango Festival of Syracuse is an important and not to be missed appointment for all of the passionate tangueros from all over the world! Sicily warmly welcomes you, as our tradition says, with all the hospitality and everything that our beautiful island has to offer.

A tango festival under the Mediterranean sun, with all the fun, music and amazing shows, come to visit us! Stay at B&B Globetrotter Syracuse, located in a stunning corner of Ortygia Island and of course all the information to enjoy the festival and the Syracusan sea of July!

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