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Madrid is known as Art city

Economic and industrial center

Madrid is a capital of Spain, rights in the Castillian's center-the Iberian Peninsula 646 meters above sea level, its a cosmopolitan city , with over than three million of population. Its Spanish Royal family's home, head center for the Government, Spanish Parliament and Public Administration and of course the business center.

Madrid's population was initially Iberian and later Roman,its believed that the original name was Matrice, its a pre - muslim word-revers to the area's water and to the stream running down the Calle de Segovia. Madrid is not mentioned in chronic until the late tenth century, at that time there was already fort, which was occupied by the Moors, where the Royal Palace stands today.

The Moors gave a name Magerit and later Madrid , bceause of the River Manzanares al-Magrit "source of water", you can still see the arab walls today sorrounding this settlement. The Moors were ruling till 1085 when Alfonso VI took took Madrid in his hands and City was finally conquered. In the 2nd century the Romans settled in Madrid, on the 5th century they were overthrown by barbaric German tribe, later on Islam took control till, and finally thanks to the Islam ,in 9th century, the modern city took a shape, Muhammad ordered construction of a small palace, which we know as Palacio Real today.

Later in 1085 Cristians turned the Muslim mosque into Virgin of Almudena's church. Most of the city was destroeyd by fire in 14th century, than it was rebuilt again by Henry III of Castile. Back in 1980s - 1990s followed an economic growth – Madrid became an inmortant cultural, for the entire European continent.

Today Madrid is known as Art city, it has three world-renowned museums, is the saturated epicenter of Art in Spain. It's housing works from Picasso, Velázquez, El Greco, and Rubens, not even mention all the sculptures and fountains all around the Calle de Alcalà and trough the city. It has its own worldwide music like Flamenco dance, famous for shiny beaches and bull fights. It also plays great role in banking and industrial sectors and very lively nightlife, many pubs, cafes. The only negative thing might be the traffic, but every great, busy capital city would deal with. It is, was and definitely will be one of the most important culture centers in Europe.

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