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Hostels HOSCARS 2011

Armenia and Envoy Hostel Featured at HOSCARs 2011

In 2011 Envoy Hostel had representatives at the 9th annual conference and HOSCAR Customers Annual Ratings) Awards gala ceremony hosted in London. These annual conferences give excellent opportunities to the hostel owners to meet each other from all around the globe and share their experiences.

Due to our hard work and professional service we have been continuously highly rated by our guests on the number one booking engine worldwide the hostelworld. Yet, we were extremely surprised and delighted when Envoy Hostel was announced as a HOSCAR winner under the category of "Country Winner" at the gala ceremony on the 4th of February.

Our happiness got doubled up when our good friends from Serbia, Hostel Mostel from Bulgaria, and Transylvania Hostel from Romania became their country winners.

Once again Lisbon based hostels proved to be the best in the world. According to the hostelworld customers reviews in 2010 the Travellers House, the Lisbon Lounge Hostel, and the Living Lounge Hostel are the top hostels worldwide.

Congratulations to everyone!!!

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