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Different cultural communities and atmosphere

Melbourne is one of the only cities in Australia to have been founded by free colonists, after Sydney Bay and the area around it were populated by prisoners sent from England, in the 1800's for the most part.

Later in 1901 the city became the capital of Australia before Canberra was founded and stole its place.

Melbourne has kept many of its Victorian buildings and big stretches of greenery which blend well with the new modern buildings.

Melbourne is first and foremost a cosmopolitan city, since immigrants from Europe, China and the US have been coming for decades. Thus it is considered the 3rd largest "Greek city" and the largest Italian comunity outside of Italy. All the different communities mix well and make the city a particularly friendly and lively place.

To cross the city don't hesitate to use the trams, which service every district. The past few years new modern tram wagons have been added to the circuits, in addition to the traditional green and gold trams, the symbols of the city.

Melbourne has many little neighbourhoods with different cultural communities and atmospheres, true villages within the city that sprawls from the centre outwards, and around the Shopping centre, "Burke Street Mall".

You will surely come across the Fitzroy district, the bohemian area mostly frequented by artists; the Carlton district and its beautiful Victorian houses; the wealthy South Yarra and Taorah districts; and Richmond, with its Greek population.

If you want to admire the entire city, go and have a meal on the 55th floor of the Rialto towers, which have terraces that offer a 360° panoramic view.

The temperate and humid weather induced by the Pacific Ocean nearby makes for an extremely varied flora and fauna, which you will encounter in the numerous gardens that strew the city.


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