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Hawaii fireknife breathtaking shows

Hawaiian calendar of events May 11-14 2011

May 11-14 is marked with lights in Hawaiian calendar of events. It is the time when the famous “We Are Samoa” Annual Fireknife Festival takes place!
Dancers of all ages will tempt fate as they showcase their mastery of Samoan fireknives in a fiery competition of skill and bravery.

Acrobatic moves and death-defying tricks combine with ancient Samoan culture to make this event an exhilarating must-see. Tickets sell out every year so early booking is highly recommended.

The fire knife is a traditional Samoan cultural implement that is used in ceremonial dances. It was originally composed of a machete wrapped in towels on both ends with a portion of the blade exposed in the middle.

Tribal performers of fire knife dancing (or Siva Afi as it is called in Samoa) dance while twirling the knife and doing other acrobatic stunts.

The towels are set afire during the dances thus explaining the name.

Traditional competitions were hotly contested. Their exhibitionists would almost rather die than seek medical care for injuries incurred while performing.
Today, modern competitions are held annually at the Polynesian Cultural Center to name the World Fireknife Champion.

The competition began in 1992 and is always held during the third week of May. In 2007, the championships were expanded to welcome competitors in a duet category and a women's category.

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