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Madrileos passion for going out at night

Madrid the city of la movida

Madrid is the capital of Spain and lies in the center of the Iberian Peninsula 646 meters above sea level. The city has a population of 3 million inhabitants and the climate varies from very warm and dry in the summer to rainy (and sometimes with snow) in the winter.
It has been the first city of Spain for almost 5 centuries, ever since a resolute King decided to take his entire court to a modest burg at the Manzanares river bank. From this time, Madrid has consolidated it fundamental role and has become a Spanish political and financial centre, as well as one of the liveliest cities in Europe with regards to culture and the arts.
Madrid is the economical and industrial center of Spain and with its central location it is easy to reach from all over the country and there are flights to Madrid from all over the world as well.

Located at the heart of the Castilian planes and of Spain itself, Madrid is the starting point to the discovery of the entire country, not only because of the "Puerta Del Sol" (the Gate to the Sun) from and to all distances in Spain are measured, but also because it embodies the flavors and traditions of the entire nation.

The tight economical relation between Spain and South America makes Madrid the center of foreign investments in South America and home to many international companies such as Telefonica, Iberia and Repsol YPF.

The first attempt to position Madrid as an important city was made by Isabella of Castilla and Ferdinand of Aragona, but it is Phillip II who changed the faith of the city when he named it the capital of the empire.
The arrival of the young King Juan Carlos of Bourbon has brought to Madrid a period of innovation.

The Spanish capital has become the capital of the "movida", a centre of famous museums of immense value and one of the most desirable destinations of international tourism. As capital of Spain, Madrid is also home of the Royal family, the Spanish Government and many other national institutions.
Madrid is also a very international city with a lot of foreign students and tourist visiting the town. This combined with the "Madrileos" passion for going out at night makes the town a great place to eat out with a numerous variation of national and international restaurants.

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