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Zurich Street Parade

Move your mind

The 12th Zurich Street Parade, on Saturday August 12 is set to ignite Switzerland�s summer streets. The theme is different this year, but the idea is always the same. The parade is a demonstration for love, peace, freedom & tolerance.

Move your mind - don�t be blind! This year the Zurich Street Parade is all about taking initiative, making the most of your opportunities and about getting things moving!

The Zurich Street Parade starts at Utoquai, 13.00 and winds along Lake Zurich, finishing up at 22.00. This year, there are 32 �Lovemobiles�, (floats), 5 stages on-route, and some of the world�s top DJ�s grooving it up. Expect to hear Lange, Yves Deruyter, and Yoji Biomehanika � and other top international DJS from around Europe, Japan and the USA! Find the action at the following official stages: the Start Stage (Utoquai), Opera house, B�rkliplatz, Congress House & Limmtquai. You�ll be treated to some juicy sounds, as well as some great eye candy � the Lovemobiles are equipped with some high-tech electronic gadgets for laser and light shows.

But don�t think that it stops here: this event is accompanied by a dizzying amount of pre and post parties that will definitely keep you rocking all weekend (we�ve heard that there are over 100!!).

Some tips from parade organisers?

+ If you�re travelling to Zurich, take advantage of the extra transport services via bus or train (avoid travelling by car and miss the traffic!).

+ Book your hostels now and make sure you�ve got a place to recuperate when you do eventually stop dancing.

+ leave your water pistols at home, keep Zurich clean, and most importantly, don�t climb the overhead tram wires!

The Berlin Love Parade has gone and passed. If you missed it and are kicking yourself for it, then make sure you mark this one on your calendar. Last year, the Zurich Street Parade attracted over 1,000,000 ravers ... this year, who knows.

Ready to get in on the action already? If you�re in the Zurich area, tune into StreetPaRadio now on the local Zurich Radio Station �Radio 24� between midnight and 2am. You�ll be right up there on Street Parade news to get yourself into Street Parade mood!

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