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The Year of the Rabbit

Spend it in Singapore 2011

Spend the Year of the Rabbit in Singapore 2011
Such a small country, nevertheless, by far one of the most visited countries in South East Asia; one of the thriving places for tourists to be in is Singapore. The endless list of attractions will stretch out the number of ur days in the cost-and-climate-friendly country.

If you're looking for peace and tranquility, there is an island just off the south coast of Singapore named after it.

Sentosa Island, or "peace and tranquilty" Island in Malay, is the epidemy of its name. A patch of tropical land surrounded by emerald clear blue waters boardered by fine sand, and rocky shores.

Apart from baking in the sun on the most chilled out resorts over looking the blue and white horizon, you will find that there are theme parks, and other fun-field aquatic spots to keep you going each day.

It would be a shame to miss out on the Asian Civilization Museum, the most established museum in Singapore, where the ancient history of the evolution of Asia itself is preserved in the utmost accuracy incomparable to books.

Now as some of us may have thought new years has already passed, the Chinese New Year, or the 1st day of the lunar calendar, is yet to be celebrated. On the Thursday of the 3rd of February 2011, Singapore is scheduled for a public holiday to celebrate the beggining of the "Year of the Rabbit". During this period, there will be a handful of major events, special markets, and fireworks around the nation.

The new years lights will be lit early from January 15th, all throughout mid-February. The best places to see the illuminations, lanterns, and animal ornaments would be on Garden Bridge, New Bridge road, and South Bridge Road.

Enjoy the hospitable people, pleasant weather, and affortable accomodations which have made Singapore THE holiday destination in South East Asia for many, if not most tourists with good taste.

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