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Kuala Lumpur the Capital

Kuala Lumpur radiates an exciting charm

Is more than just a capital city: it is a monument to Malaysian ingenuity and determination. From humble beginnings as a tin-mining shanty town, KL has evolved into a 21st-century metropolis, dominated by the tallest skyscrapers in Southeast Asia and flush with the proceeds of international trade and commerce
Over the years, KL has faced its share of challenges but nothing has succeeded in suppressing the determination of locals to make KL, and Malaysia, a leader among Asian tiger economie.

Cultural influences and traditions, Kuala Lumpur radiates an exciting charm, which will no doubt pique your interest throughout your stay.

KL is every inch the Asian cyber-city: historic temples and mosques rub shoulders with space-age towers and shopping malls; traders’ stalls are piled high with pungent durians and counterfeit DVDs; and locals sip cappuccino in wi-fi–enabled coffee hops or feast at bustling streetside hawker stalls serving food from across the continent.

It has a lively nightlife scene and a fascinating art and performance culture, which blends contemporary amd traditional styles from many backgrounds.There is a widest range of sporting activities available with state-of-the-art facilities to impress any sporting enthusiast.

The city's architecture is eccentric and is certainly unique, from hundred year old mansions to skyscrapers. The most striking thing about KL from a visitor's perspective is its remarkable cultural diversity.
Ethnic Malays, Chinese prospectors, Indian migrants and British colonials all helped carve the city out of the virgin jungle, and each of them have left its indelible mark on the capital.
There are also numerous parks and monuments dotted around KL that make easy day trips for break from the hustle and bustle.

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