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New Style of travel

Flashpacking: (noun; flash:pack-er), used to describe the new breed of backpackers now found in high-end hostels all over the world. Usually accompanied with all sorts of electronic gadgets (laptop, digital camera, MP3 player, phone, GPS) and associated paraphernalia (cords, card readers, memory cards, CDs, adaptors).

You may have run into one at your hostel. Or you may be lugging ten different USB cords yourself. But undoubtedly, you�ll know what we�re talking about, even if you�ve never heard of the term �flashpacking� before.

It�s the idea of independent travel, with more funds to play with, and a few more of the mod cons that the traditional backpacker would have tossed in. The term has been tossed around a bit recently, with new websites popping up and blogs by flashpackers promoting the advantages of this new type of travel. You can see it in the number of travel bloggers around and even the flashy services blog sites offer (video uploads, photo blogging, journey mapping�).

Flashpackers are simply a new breed of backpacker, with more funds to play with and more gadgets along for the ride, but with the same passion for travel. Flashpackers may be a bit older, bit more flush in the pocket, but they�re still looking for life-changing experiences.

These travellers know how to blog, they upload their photos from WiFi spots in the middle of mountains and jungles in Asia, and stream their videos to family and friends back home. They have back up batteries, back up memory cards, and a spare USB cord too.

What does it mean in the market of independent travel? Flashpackers are interested in privacy, security, and WiFi access. These are the guys that can stay private rooms at cheap hotels, but want the hostel atmosphere (but with WiFi, don�t forget). More importantly, it means we need more electrical outlets!

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