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Lifestyle of Seoul

Seoul, the modern capital of South Korea

Seoul, the modernized capital city of skycrapers and neon lights. See with your own eyes, the result of concentrated work done by the people of a collectivist culture, uniting under one cause, having built up its economy so rapidly to the point of finacially supporting other countries which have supported them to begin with, all within 30 years.

Dip in to the comfortable day to day lifestyle of Seoul, where food and travel costs are extremely low and most streets are fairly safe at all times. Packed with 24 hours-open convenient stores, karaoke rooms, movie rooms, saunas, and other quick sources to most basic necessities and activities in almost every other corner.

Enjoy the markets of Dongdae-moon, where you could spend the entire day walking through the endless rows of street stores and foodcorners. Considering how cheap things can get, you may find yourself at the end of the trip very pleased, looking back at ur puchases as a symbol of your bargaining skills.

In between your stops, stop by at a Kimbap Chonguk for a modest meal within a selection of all basic cultural homecooked Korean meals with unlimited refills on side dishes.

When it comes to night life, it is simply a question of taste. In Hongdae Ipku, for example, you will find a fairly versatile range of flavours for your night. You will find clubs with underground rock bands, house/r&b clubs, and a very wide range of bars if you choose to simply bar hop.

If you are looking for a straight up quirky experience, stop by a Mogyoktang, a sauna/bathhouse, which will be open at all times and easy to find anywhere near an underground station. You will get in a room full of seperate bath tubs with their respective temperatures.

The underground train service which you will find from anywhere in a 10 to 20 min walk radius will make sure you never get lost. It will be useful to get a T-money Card to cut the prices of underground trains and buses to 50%. With this handy card, a transfer from one station to another or from station to bus within 20 mins is FREE.

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