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Armenian Winter Wonderland

Country of four seasons

Being a country of four seasons Armenia has different images during the year. All the seasons are beautiful and charming but Armenia has a different charm in winter time. It is one of the most mountainous countries of the Caucasus and gets really cold and snow covered. Those who are fond of skiing would love to visit this country in winter to experience the beauty and challenges of high mountains and to see the real hospitality that this country is so famous for. There are now two well equipped ski resorts in different locations in Armenia, much more reasonably priced than other ski resorts across Europe.

Another highlight of winter in Armenia is experiencing the traditional New Year and Christmas celebrations. Armenians love these holidays so much that the preparations start a few months ahead. It all comes to a point on the 31st of December when families get ready and lay the tables in their living rooms to greet guests for the next 10 days. The custom of going from home to home to congratulate friends and relatives is very common here. You don�t have to specifically buy a present here but you have to visit your friends� house to say your toast and wishes for the New Year. Everything doubles up on the 6th of January when the first Christian country of the world and the Armenian Apostolic church celebrate Christmas. At the dawn of January 6th people go to church to be part of the service dedicated to the manifestation of Jesus as the Son of God.

Special advice from Envoy Hostel & Tours to everyone who plans to visit Armenia in winter try the traditional Armenian soup called Khash. This is the best winter treat for all Armenians. It's a soup made of either cow or pork hooves spiced with a lot of garlic and salt that is served with the traditional Armenian paper thin bread Lavash. In the cold winter mornings Khash accompanied with some good Armenian vodka might be a good warm up for your body and a great start for your day.

So if you are wondering what exotic and wondrous place you can spend your winter holidays, consider Armenia as a new destination and have a chance to brag to your friends of a new experience winter in Armenia!

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