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Lake of the Incas

Patagonia Chile

South America is not just a land of beautiful beaches, open-air clubs, bikinis and summer vacations – in the wintertime it can be equally as spectacular.

The Lake of the Incas is a bewildering place, especially in the winter months – the crystal like ice that covers this lake is truly a sight to behold and legend has it that on the nights of the full moon you can hear the cries of sorrow for the soul of the Inca Illi Yunqui that wanders, restless and heartbroken over the watery tomb of his love Princess Kora – Lle.

Kora - Lle suffered a tragic death during the celebration of a Nascu (royal banquet), devastated… the Imperial Court lowered her tiny body wrapped in white linen into the blue depths of the great lake, it is said from that moment on the water turned emerald, the colour of her eyes, they believed no human tomb could compare with that of the lake.

Surrounded by phenomenal snowfields that are some of the best in the world such as Portillo, the oldest skiing area in all of South America, with the first ski clubs appearing in that area in the early 1900’s. Today Portillo has 14 lifts, including 5 chairlifts, if you an avid skier be sure to check out the unique Va et Vient lifts that were designed by Jean Pomagalski in the 60s, this gives access to the high avalanche chutes across the Roca Jack and the Condor slopes.

This little ski town in the heart of the Andes is still challenging experts and offering access to some of the best open-slope powder skiing and steep chutes in the world.

Chilean Patagonia is a myriad of islands, glaciers, icebergs and dazzling mountain ranges, The Lake of the Incas is situated approximately 100 miles north east of Santiago in the Valparaiso region in the Los Andes, close to the Argentine and Chilean border.

If a it’s a ski holiday shrouded in a little history and a whole lot of snow that you are after – the Lake of the Incas should be just the spot for you!

City: Santiago
Country: Chile
Published on 17-Nov-2010
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