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2011 ICC Cricket World Cup

February 19 till April 2, 2011

Cricket could easily be considered a sporting religion in countries like the UK, Australia and India. Every year thousands of cricket fanatics around the world travel to various games and events.

From February to April 2011 the 10th cricket world cup will be hosted by 3 south Asian test cricket playing countries; India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

14 teams will participate in this event, the first round of the tournament will be round-robin, where the 14 teams will be divided into 2 groups of 7.

The 7 teams then play each other once with the top 4 from each group qualifying for the quarter - finals. This format ensures that each team gets to play a minimum of 6 matches even if they are ruled out of the competition due to early defeats.

Teams from Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, West Indies, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland and the Netherlands will participate, with the games being broadcast all over the world, with the final taking place on April 2nd.

With the games being spread out over 3 different host countries, cricket fans and their no so cricket loving partners or friends can make this an amazing holiday, with the diverse culture of India to explore, catch a glimpse of a Bengal Tiger or enjoy the beautiful beaches and boating in Bangladesh or shop for silver and brass trinkets or trek to the top of Sigiriya Rock in Sri Lanka.

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