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Germany 2006

Italy�s celebrating its fourth World Cup win ... and celebrate it has - perhaps not in style, but with the fervour and passion that Italians are famous for. Sunday night�s spectacular win spilled out onto the streets, in piazzas� even in fountains.

On Sunday, it seems like the entire country was out in force in Italy�s piazzas and open spaces, to watch the game on maxi-screens. In Rome, it was at the Circus Massimo, in Milan it was at the Piazza Duomo and in Bologna it was at Piazza Maggiore. It was literally a sea of Italy�s tricolours � the red, the white and the green. On flags, on faces, in hair, on clothes � on flags worn as skirts even.

And when the final goal of the penalty shoot out found its place within those white nets, mayhem broke loose and fans made themselves heard. The win comes at a stark moment in Italian football history � this week, some of Italy�s elite football clubs are awaiting the verdict from the sports tribunal in a match-fixing trial.

But for now, it�s just been celebrations. In Milan, trams at the Piazza delle Cinque Giornate honked their horns together when the last goal was scored, and in Naples fireworks were sparked. Piazzas all over Italy were invaded with happy fans � from Rome�s Piazza Venezia, to Torino�s Piazza San Carlo and Genoa�s Piazza Matteoti. Fans stayed loyal outdoors in Palermo, even with some rain during the match. Streets were all blocked with traffic, with scooters waving flags and cars honking horns, with people on top of buses � tears, shouts, and chants filling the air.

And in something of a tradition (remember, this is the fourth win for Italy in the World Cup Championships), fans celebrated by dipping into some of Italy�s spectacular landmarks. Imagine, a midnight dip in the Trevi Fountain to celebrate winning the 2006 World Cup.

City: Milan
Country: Italy
By: Mario Gallo
Published on 10-Lug-2006
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