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Sydney world-class city

he heart of Sydney-Australia

At the heart of Sydney-Australia's oldest, largest and most diverse city-is the outrageously good-looking Sydney Harbour.Sydney has all the vigour of a world-class city, with the reputation of its restaurants in particular turning the lingering cultural sneers to swoons.

The city has more than two hundred years of white history behind it.This is a city of diverse culture, a diverse ethnic blend, diverse shopping and diverse experiences.

Famous for its World Heritage-listed Sydney Opera House, Sydney is one of the world's favourite cities, and has been voted "world's best city"

Sydney does not have the biodiversity of rain forests, but anyway there are around 2000 native plants and additional 1000 weeds, among which are a lot of plants from other regions of Australia. The rich flora feeds around 300 native birds and numerous mammals, marsupials, reptiles, etc

The city has a sunny, moderate climate which contributes to Sydneysiders' relaxed lifestyle and love of the great outdoors. There are five major national parks around Sydney with 8,000 square kilometres of open space.

This multicultural city's restaurant and cafe scene is enhanced by outstanding local fresh produce and world-class wines.

It's stylish, it's sophisticated, it's home to some of the friendliest people on the planet. And yes, a few koalas, if you know where to look.

You've seen it in pictures; now see it in person. The Sydney Opera House is more than an architectural icon. There's over 11 acres of floor space to cover. Water-warriors will certainly have their day at the beach. Sydney's got 34 to choose from. With golden sand and crystal water.What's not to love?

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