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Chichen Itza , Mexico

Inspiring experience similar to the Pyramids or Angkor Wat

Nestled away in the Yucatan province just south of the party town of Cancun in Mexico is the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza of the once powerful Mayans which ruled most of Central America before the trigger happy Spanish came along.

As you walk through the ruins it’s a truly awe inspiring experience very similar to the Pyramids or Angkor Wat. Whilst the most impressive temple has been rebuilt recently it still strikes and

imposing view as it towers across the landscape. At the nearby sports arena where they played a early version of basket ball, I overheard a guide saying the used to play using prisoners heads being thrown into the hoop, further research shows it was a lie. Although this was the same tour guide I heard telling people on of the walls was carvings of elephants, so I am not sure the tour group should really trust anything he said.

The thousand pillars was really mind blowing too as every pillar is in perfect symmetry with each other, and once you step inside you can become instantly lost and disorientated as it becomes just columns of pillars as far as you can see you feel like you are in one of those bizarre maths puzzles.

However for me what really captured my imagination was the surrounding buildings such as the store rooms and living areas as you could make out faint traces of paint and graffiti on the walls which really drew me in about how people lived here, also the fact that they must have been tiny because I hit my head 4 times going through door frames, which could also be why the decapitated their sacrifices.

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