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Madrid the city of the youth people

Puerta del Sol, Gran Via

Madrid has all the sights of Europe without the expensive cost. After recovering for decades of totalitarian repression, the youth of the city has burst forth. The youth of Madrid have taken over the city, transforming it into a chic and hopping town filled with a vibrant nightlife and an energized day time. Starting out your days in Madrid at Kilometer 0 otherwise known as Puerta del Sol, is conveniently located in the middle of the city and within walking distance of many of the popular sights. Each direction offers different adventures waiting.

To the south of Puerta del Sol is the pulse of café, theatre, and museum life. Head north of the Sol and you hit Gran Via, a huge culmination of bars and pubs readily available for thirsty tourists. Watch out during the middle of July, it is likely their will be bulls running down the streets during the infamous San Fermines or commonly known as Running as the Bulls. If you plan to participate in this wild ride, take care to run fast and avoid the horns of the bulls.

For a less involved sport, from September to June you can sit in a futbol ring cheering on your preferred team every Sunday and some Saturdays. During these days any one of the two homes teams plays at home, rousing up the crowds. Still, one cannot remove oneself from the bulls, during the Festival of San Isidro and every Sunday from March to October Corridas or bullfights dance around the ring.

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