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Berlin designation for vacation during the summer

Europes performing arts city

After only a few decades of unification, Berlin thrives like no other. Many Europeans make Berlin their designation for vacation during the summer, no question to why.

If history be your interest, you can “chart” Berlin’s in a single street. Unter den Linden features monuments that progress from the Hohenzollern dynasty to the GDR. Walk through the Brandenburg Gate, one of the most iconic landmarks pointing to the fall of the Berlin wall. At the end of the road is Museum Island, inhabited by five museums, all worth a visit. Near the road lies Tiergarten, a magnificent garden filled with sculptures and oddly enough, parliamentary residences.

While in Berlin, catch an avant-garde show, very popular among the performing arts in Berlin. The HAU is the artistic warehouse for performing arts, you can find anything from dance to visual arts from internationally renowned artists.

The Karneval der Kulturen or Carnival of Cultures cannot be missed when traveling to Berlin at the end of May. The Karneval der Kulturen is meant to show to the cultural and ethnic diversity of Berlin and no doubt succeeds in its mission. This is a show of the most colorful and unique performers and is open to international performers given you fill out the form.

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