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Venice is unique and romantic

A city that you must see

Venice is a most impressive city, originally built on wooden planks in a swamp to avoid attacks from neighboring towns and districts. The city is called La Serenissima, walk through the city at night or in the early morning and you will feel the depths of the water follow you over every bridge and along every canal. The Serene City is the second most visited city in Italy and you are sure to run into floods of tourists camera’s at hand.

What is late March in Italy without attending the famous Venetian Carnevale? Donned in colorful masks and even brighter costumes, locals from all over Italy relish in this festival. Carneval is an outrageous event that fills Venice with concerts and performances. The other famed sight in Venice is the Biennale di Venezia that happens in the city every odd-numbered year.

No trip to Venice is complete unless you quietly glide down any one of the many canals in a gondola. Passing the houses that are sitting right on the water gives you a new sense of excitement, one away from crowds, away from camera-snapping tourists and into the serene of the floating city.

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