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Finally Sapin get it....

After a month of increasingly dramatic matches, the World Cup comes to a close with a victory from Spain.

SPAIN 1 - Netherlands
For the first time ever the tournament was hosted by South Africa, and the spectacle unfolded with over a billion people tuning in throughout the month. Deafening crowds showed their support, and gave South Africa an oppurtunity to showcase their country to the world. The timing of the world cup was appropriate, as this year additionally marks the 50th anniversary of independence for 17 of the continent's 53 nations. Just as soccer has become more global, so too has Africa, and in the closing ceremony there were tears and praises as Nelson Mandela made his way onto the pitch.

With 130 teams competeing and 32 national teams in the final, the games have bought much excitment to all the corners of the earth, and .... relentless play has shown that they can achieve great things in the greatest tournament of them all.


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